Friday, February 26, 2021

Saba Akbar Abadi

Saba Akber Abadi, settling first in Hyderabad and finally in Karachi after migrating from India, leaves a remarkable legacy to relish.

Quietly and humbly, a far-sighted poet, Saba wrote national songs even before the creation of Pakistan.

Known for his silent, yet inspiring contribution to Urdu poetry; naat, marsia, ghazal, rubai and unique research on the Persian poetry of Ghalib, Omar Klayam and Amir Khusro is Saba Akbar Abadi.

His role in Pakistan Movement is worth highlighting. “Zamzama-e-Pakistan,” a creative collection of Saba’s three patriotically pulsating poems, published on May 14, 1946 in Agra, was the first publication dedicated to Quaid-e-Azam before the creation of Pakistan.

While courageously fighting the poetic battle for Pakistan under extreme circumstances, Saba produced Zamazama-e-Pakistan the thunderous roar and the blitzkrieg of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent for a separate homeland and a promising Pakistan.

Profile by Parvez Jamil