Saturday, October 9, 2021

Arshad Khalil


An Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Arshad Khalil, one of the pioneers in the field of Information Technology in Pakistan, has mentored thousands of youngsters who have earned fame and recognition over the years. 

He has been associated with graphics and IT related industry all his working life. A post graduate in business and commerce, he acquired education from the University of Karachi and the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan. 

After completing education, he joined family business of manufacturing of printing types and after that of printing press and allied industries. He marketed Apple Computers hardware and software in Pakistan during 1990s. In this period was, he also involved in selling Agfa Image setters, Lushcer textile printing software and Wacom digitizers. 

In 1990, his company had supplied Apple Computers to the Jang Group when they ventured in the publication of their iconic English newspaper ‘The News’ which possessed the first fully computerized set-up in the media industry of Pakistan.

Arshad Khalil introduced Arena Multimedia in Pakistan by opening the Shahrah-e-Faisal Centre and then attracted other entrepreneurs to invest in other Arena Multimedia Centers as Master Franchisee in the country.

Arena Multimedia is a chain of Multimedia training centers and has centers in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan, teaching Multimedia courses. They are credited to have revolutionized computer education, having trained thousands of personnel, the majority of whom enjoyed success in their professional life.

Arshad Khalil, an entrepreneur par excellence, still proudly owns and looks after the first Arena Multimedia Centre, besides being chairman of Jin Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd, a software export company, having offices in Islamabad, Multan and Karachi.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Saba Akbar Abadi

Saba Akber Abadi, settling first in Hyderabad and finally in Karachi after migrating from India, leaves a remarkable legacy to relish.

Quietly and humbly, a far-sighted poet, Saba wrote national songs even before the creation of Pakistan.

Known for his silent, yet inspiring contribution to Urdu poetry; naat, marsia, ghazal, rubai and unique research on the Persian poetry of Ghalib, Omar Klayam and Amir Khusro is Saba Akbar Abadi.

His role in Pakistan Movement is worth highlighting. “Zamzama-e-Pakistan,” a creative collection of Saba’s three patriotically pulsating poems, published on May 14, 1946 in Agra, was the first publication dedicated to Quaid-e-Azam before the creation of Pakistan.

While courageously fighting the poetic battle for Pakistan under extreme circumstances, Saba produced Zamazama-e-Pakistan the thunderous roar and the blitzkrieg of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent for a separate homeland and a promising Pakistan.

Profile by Parvez Jamil

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mahtab Akbar Rashdi

Mahtab Akbar Rashdi a lady with great enthusiasm and spirit came into the education scenario of our system with a will to do something for the young generation of our country. She faced all hurdles so bravely that she doesn't even call it a hurdle. She made her appearance on media from Radio Pakistan and from there onwards she started her journey towards television. The viewers of PTV remember the days when she appeared on the PTV like a storm and made a respectful space in every heart of the Pakistani viewer by her confident and luminous hosting for the various shows she conducted. Having experienced all superior designations in Govt. and in education field.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Khadija Bano

Khadija Bano Ahmed is an educator and activist with over 20 years of experience working with, teaching and mentoring young people. She has taught English Literature and Language at the Beacon House, Bayview Academy and Nixor and is widely recognized for her training, teaching, mentoring and development skills.

Khadija was on the curating and on-ground team for the Kara Film Festival from 2002 - 2007 and was involved in a range of roles from concept development to fund-raising. She enjoys the arts and theater and other than her involvement with high school productions, she has also worked on a number of documentaries, particularly on the research and subtitles. Most prominent amongst these is the award-winning Parveen Rehman documentary. Khadija is passionate about social causes and has been active in fund-raising for local NGOs like Faith and Imkaan. She serves on the Board of the Central Jail school for incarcerated children of inmates and on the Board of JoyGPS, a start-up looking to connect worthy social causes with funding.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Muhammad farid Alam

Mr. Farid Alam has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. Before joining AKD Securities as Deputy CEO in 2007, he was working first as the Head of Mutual Funds Division and then as the Head of Treasury at Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (PICIC) where he was involved in first buy out of state-owned mutual funds by the Privatization Commission and thereafter in managing the funds. He also spearheaded mergers of 13 closed end funds into one fund by identifying and adopting the shortest legal course eliminating courts involvements. Under his dynamic leadership, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the funds grew at a very healthy pace beating KSE- 100 index and other parameters set by the management. Mr. Alam gauged the appetite of the market and raised over Rs. 3.4 billion through right issues by first convincing the management, board of directors and then the investors, which was a new trend in the mutual fund industry.

Mr. Alam also reorganized ICP SEMF under NBFC Rules 2003 and managed floatation of two new funds.

Mr. Alam acted as the Domestic Consultant for Asian Development Bank on Financial Sector Intermediation Loan (FSIL), during 2004. The assignment included review and reporting on various policies and procedures agreed by the Government of Pakistan with ADB. These related mainly to monetary policy, foreign exchanges, money and capital markets.

Before joining PICIC, he was the Head of Finance and Secretary to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors at CIRC, Government of Pakistan where he was actively involved in remedial banking. He paved the way for Government institutions to place their funds with private sector banks meeting certain criteria which not only enhanced the income of the corporation but also cleared the hurdle for other organizations once for all.

He has extensive investment banking experience which he gained during 10 years of his stay with Crescent Investment Bank Limited-the first investment bank in Pakistan, where he served in various capacities including Treasurer, Equity Strategist, Chief Financial Officer and Manager Corporate Finance. He also managed clients portfolio of over PKR 3 billion.

Mr. Alam is a fellow of Chartered Accountants (FCA) and serves on various Committees of the Institute of Chartered Accountants including a high powered Economic Advisory Committee.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Dr Rozina Karmaliani

Dr Rozina Karmaliani is a longtime prominent member of the Aga Khan University, AKU. She is an alumna of the AKU School of Nursing and Midwifery (AKU-SONAM), where she did her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and diplomas in Midwifery and Nursing. She also holds degrees in Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Nursing and PhD in Nursing all from the University of Minnesota, USA.
Dr Karmaliani is the first SONAM alumna to obtain PhD in Nursing. She now serves as the Interim Dean and Professor at AKU-SONAM and a faculty member for the Medical College's Community Health Sciences.
Dr Karmaliani also holds the prestigous Kh​atijabai Mohan Manji Dharolia endowed Professorship. Before taking on the interim deanship for the second time on December 1, 2019, she has held various leadership positions in the School and has led its undergraduate and graduate programmes. She has been steering SONAM to use its institutional excellence to advance nursing, and to engage and develop leaders and educators in healthcare. Besides Pakistan, she has worked for the development and promotion of higher education in nursing in East Africa, Afghanistan, Syria and Egypt. 
Dr Karmaliani has received the Juran Fellowship Award for "Leadership in Quality" and the "Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals" from the University of Minnesota, amongst many others. She has also been a recipient of various national and international research grants. Dr Karmaliani's areas of research include women, child and adolescent health, with special focus on the prevention of gender-based violence, promoting mental health and preventing suicides from a health systems perspective. She has received various national and international research grants worth more than USD 4 million and has 50 plus peer-reviewed key publications in journals of international repute.
While SONAM enjoys the privilege of being the top nursing school in the region, Dr Karmaliani's leadership focuses on being a transformative force in improving health whilst developing and strengthening research capacity for the School, and further integrating research into education and practice. She is creating a shared vision for the School and empowering the faculty and staff to implement that vision. ​

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Dr Tahir Shamsi

Prof. Dr. Tahir Shamsi has over 43 research publications in international journals, 07 books written or edited, published and circulated internationally. He is also the Editor of many haematology journals. His research interests include stem cell biology, haemostasis and novel therapeutics in haematology and oncology. He is the fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, UK. He is the medical director, consultant haematologist & transplant physician at the National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation (NIBD & BMT). He is also the director of stem cell programme at NIBD & BMT. He is the Adjunct Professor at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro and Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.