Monday, July 4, 2022

Mukhtar Aqil

He started his journalistic career in 1980 by joining Daily News, a reputed paper of the Jang Group as a reporter. He worked in Jang Group for about 10 years. Thereafter, he and Mr. Ilyas Shakir started Daily Qaumi Akhbar, a well-known Urdu evening newspaper. 

He is an admirer of Mir Khalil ur Rehman, the founder of Jang Media Group. He said that Mir Khalil ur Rehman started from scratch and became the top media person in Pakistan. MKR had a great personality and had experience in both journalism and commercial dealings.

He is the founder of Daily Farz, the overall policy of Farz Media Group is based on peace, harmony, co-existence,, and a united, prosperous and developed Pakistan.

In his opinion bringing out a daily newspaper is a painful task these days. Now there is no romance and joy. It has rather become difficult work due to the high production costs and the diminishing interest of the young generation in reading newspapers, books and magazines. They have all turned towards digital media.

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