Friday, November 12, 2010

Rahat Kazmi

Rahat Kazmi was born on June 30, 1946, in Simla, India. Rahat’s father was a lawyer by profession, and he wanted his son to follow his footsteps. Rahat completed his high school education in Rawalpindi.He successfully completed and received his law degree in Lahore. Additionally, Rahat received his master’s degree in political science from Government college and a master’s degree in English literature from Punjab university.Rahat started his working life as an information officer in 1968 in the Pakistani civil services. After serving for eight years, Rahat resigned from the civil services in 1976.Rahat’s profound love of acting took him irresistibly to the forefront of Pakistani entertainment. Rahat’s first stab at acting came when he was studying for his Bachelors in Government college, Lahore. Likewise, Rahat’s first Lahore television appearance was in 1965 when he participated in a university program.In 1967, Rahat took part in a Rawalpindi television quiz show known as ‘Mayaar.’ 
Further, Rahat lent a well-balanced and modulated performance in the 1967 Rawalpindi television play ‘Goonge.'Rahat Kazmi is a famous Pakistani television actor, talk-show anchor, a professional speaker and an academician. He is married to renowned Pakistani actress, producer and director Saira Kazmi whom he fell in love when he started his acting career. He has two children from Saira, Ali Kazmi and Nida Kazmi. Both of the children are associated with the show business industry of Pakistan.