Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sameera Aziz

Sameera Aziz today is an established name in the field of journalism in Saudi Arabia. Owing to her contributions in both Urdu and English journalism and since her works are read and appreciated by all alike; she in fact remains a household name too. Born in Al Khober, Saudi Arabia., her early education was in Karachi’s Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif School and PECHS Girl’s College. She is a Cancer by her Stars.
According to her, she is sensitive, lively, loving and a helpful personality. Her motto is to be “true to your work, word and friend”. She has a soft corner for animals, women and children. She also loves to make her husband and the kids happy. She hates jealous, liar & hypocrite people. Her philosophy of love is that, “if you love somebody, love his dog too”.
According to her, initial penmanship came by at a tender age of 9 only. She is today an accomplished writer and a noted journalist. She has worked in all aspects of journalism along with literature, like novel writing, fiction, poetry, story writing, and essays and so on. She was a former Editor of Urdu News/Urdu Magazine and at present she is Editor of Saudi Gazette and In charge of Awaz – the Urdu Edition of Saudi Gazette.
She is very proud of her literary achievements that include the laurels of being the first lady novelist in Saudi Arabia.
She has a passion for pursuing her studies. She accomplished a Masters degree in International Relations and a Post-Graduate diploma in Journalism from Karachi University. She now plans to enroll in a PhD program in International Relations. Since she got married quite early – at the age of 16 only, so she completed most of her studies after she got married. According to her that was both an interesting and a challenging phase in her life. Hopping between Jeddah and Karachi for attending classes and writing exams was indeed very memorable events in her life, which she now cherishes very much.
Sameera’s hobbies & interests include writing, researching, reading, internet browsing, social work, chatting with friends and family, caring for her home & family, swimming, playing cricket, and so on and so forth. She also wishes to indulge in so many other things like learning marshal art, painting, and horse riding. She also wishes she was a boy.
She is happily married to Zahir Ahmed Eskander – a Saudi national from Makkah and also the first-cousin of her by his mother. She has two exceptionally bright and gifted children. Reem – her daughter of 11 years is a very bright student at her school and is a writer like her. Ahmed a- son of 6 years is computer whiz kid. She loves them both a lot and gives both her quality time. Also, she describes the day her children were born as the best day of her life. She is also now a Pakistani-Saudi.(