Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zubaida Tariq

Zubaida’s full name is Zubaida Tariq, popularly known as Zubaida Apa. Zubaida’s father is from Badayoo, her mother is from Zilabadi. Zubaida tariq was born in 1945 at Hyderabad Dakan, after the 3 years of separation of Pakistan She migrated to Pakistan in Karachi, PIB Colony. She lived up with her 6 sisters and 4 brothers, In 1951 she lost her grand father there after she lost her father in 1953. After the death of father 3 of her sister’s took all the responsibilities of running the house .
Zubaida got married to her first cousin. His name is Tariq Hussain. She met him in 1954. He came to stay over at his auntie’s (dad’s sister’s) house.
Tariq’s mother used to like Zubaida a lot. She expressed her feelings about making Zubaida her daughter-in-law. Then in 1966, they got married. When the marriage was decided, Zubaida lived on Jamshed Road. When she got married she didn’t know how to cook a single thing. She didn’t even know how to cook plain rice. She got married at the age of 21.
“I’ll tell you a story. At first, She cooked curry. She didn’t even know that it is cooked with yogurt in it. She mixed pea flour (besan) with water and it just won’t get thick enough. She didn’t have the courage to ask someone,” says Zubaida.
Her husband was in the “Lever Brothers.” Over the time, she learned how to cook by herself. Then whenever they invited someone over to dinner, Zubaida was the one who cooked all the food for them. When she cooked food for her husband’s lunch, she cooked food for about 7 people, because his friends liked the food cooked by zubaida. Tariq’s friend encouraged her a lot. She didn’t have confidence in her, because she didn’t have any sort of degree. When all these people encouraged her then she realized I Have Taste In My Hands. In the 45 years of married life she might engage only 6 catering services at various gathering and parties, otherwise she love to cook the food by herself.