Saturday, July 3, 2010

Azfar Rizvi photographer

A photographer, documentary film maker and a social activist, Rizvi's work encompasses documentaries and current affairs programs. He has directed more that 40 odd English reportages specializing in advocacy, culture, lifestyle and health. He is a regular contributor to both Urdu and English dailies and magazines while presenting a monthly radio show with the state broadcaster.

He specializes in documentaries on social and human interest stories and is currently working on a documentary focusing on international migration trends.In recent years, his work has been accepted in international film festivals and has managed to incite government policy change on issues of public and national interest.

IRIS (Individuals Reinvigorating Society) is the edifice behind an independent advocacy and awareness initiative which he initiated in 2002. Under this banner, Rizvi developed a peer support system for disadvantaged communities especially youth; advocating knowledge and understanding of local and global issues. IRIS created an educational framework for community networks to provide opportunities for the underprivileged youth, especially to work together in fellowship. More recently, an awareness campaign is in the works for the Karachi Fire Department to mobilize citizen participation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

His consultancies involve advising private universities on Media Studies curriculum and technical requirements. He also conducts training sessions for graduate Media Studies students of Creative Writing, Film Making, Screen Writing and Television Journalism.

Rizvi holds a Public Administration and Political Science degree and lives in Karachi with his wife.