Saturday, August 29, 2015

Asifa Zehra

My experience as a Broadcast journalist is more than 9 years. 
My career as a News Anchor has spanned the last 5 years; I have 10 Years experience of TV Production, Infotainment and News. In 10 years I have worked under varied designation, which helped me to understand each layer of production and News, starting from Radio broadcaster to Researcher/ Coordinator and Production Associate, Associate Producer to Producer and Associate Director and Reporter to News Anchor. 
I am highly analytical, have a way with people, and know how to report news that is constantly changing. I also express my views and reviews in my articles and blogs. (few are available at
I have been part of different organizations such as Radio Pakistan, Express News, Aaj TV Such TV. I have worked freelance voice artist as well. My journey of learning is continuous with ABB TAKK as a News Anchor. Looking back at my career now, I literally feel happy and accomplished to have reached this stage in my career. In the early days, working as a radio reporter and later a broadcaster was full of obstacles, discrimination and harassment. Now, I feel confident enough to go into the field and have reported developments like terrorism acts, elections and many more stand-alone stories. I have worked in team to produce documentaries on the issue of child labor, women rights and more. I was also a member of the team behind “Meena Bazar” in year 2011 that was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival.