Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mohammad Jibran Nasir

Mohammad Jibran Nasir is a 27 year old lawyer, political activist, blogger, and an independent politician. 
He was featured by the Foriegn Policy Magazine in 2013 amongst three Pakistanis doing notable work against sectarian violence. He Co-founded Hum Qadam a social and relief outreach programme which has provided food relief to over 2000 IDP and flood affected families in Pakistan. Jibran also co-launched an advocacy collective called Pakistan for All which advocates against the violation of human rights and censorship of media. Jibran is a regular writer on Express Tribune and Dawn.com, and with a passion for the Urdu language, he's working towards his first authorship. Jibran is also a tv presenter and formerly hosted a current affairs show on Dawn News. Currently Jibran is working as Head of Operation Sindh for Khudi Pakistan, a youth activism organization working on constitutional literacy and promoting dialogue on various social issues in universities across Pakistan.