Friday, January 16, 2015

Aliya Faizi

Aliya Faizi is an accomplished artist that has more than 15 years of painting and sculpting experience behind her, an expert at calligraphy & abstract art.

Talking about her work she said. “Any painting is an inner feeling of an artist. Clay and the creation of human being from clay is the subject of my paintings which I have given the name of pottery paint. I paint in semi abstract. My painting’s composition is fully based on imagination and with cubism. They have a fusion of east and west. At some places I also do distortion in my work. Although, I have worked in all the mediums but one medium which is my favorite and in which I enjoy the most is oil. The basic concept of my paintings is that I have related it with clay. I have tried to go deeper into Pots of clay and the existence of human being. As human being is also made up of clay, my work highlights the figurative work with beauty. My concept with paintings is that at first sight it should attract the person seeing it and it should have composition, subject, object and colors in perfect balance.

My paintings are colorful in which life, color and happiness is highlighted. As far as colors are concerned, every color has its own power and leaves its own impression. This is also artist’s work to impress the viewer through colors. I believe that colors really affect your life. Dull colors depress you whereas bright colors make you happy which is a sign of life.