Friday, December 26, 2014

Zohair Ashir

Zohair Ashir is a Strategy and Management Specialist with over 30 years of professional experience in the development and private sectors in areas of Institutional Development & Strategy, Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research and Project Management, Zohair Ashir has multi-sectoral international, regional and national experience in the development sector with a concentration of work in advisory services in Poverty Reduction, Education, Health, Social Protection and Water sectors.

He serves in an advisory capacity with the World Bank, USAID, ADB, State Bank of Pakistan, DFID, JICA, UNDP and others and in the private sector he also serves as a Strategy Adviser to the organizations in the Banking, Telecommunications, FMCG, Energy and Pharmaceuticals sectors. Previously was employed by Aetna Life & Casualty Insurance Company and Baptist Memorial Hospital in USA, and, Aga Khan University Hospital in Pakistan.

Zohair Ashir devotes considerable time as a volunteer to non-government and civil society organizations and serves as a member on several Boards. He has work related experience in the United States, South East Asia, South Asia, UAE and Pakistan and is a shareholder in two organizations, AASA Consulting (social policy consulting) and Access Consulting (technology firm). He holds a post graduate certification in Hospital Management from University of Minnesota and under-graduate degree from University of Memphis in USA.

He is serving on the Board of Hisaar Foundation for this second term and has been the Chairperson of Hisaar Foundation since 2012.