Monday, February 11, 2013

Somi Ali

Somy was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on the 25th day of March.  She attended the Convent of Jesus and Mary School until the age of seven in Karachi. Following that, Somy's mother, her younger brother, Mohammad, and she moved to Fort.Lauderdale, Florida to start a new life.
In 1992 when Somy turned 16, she moved to Mumbai, India, with an interest in modeling as well as working in Hindi films. Somy worked in ten Hindi films and did some commercials simultaneously during her years spent in Mumbai, India.
In January of 1999, Somy moved back to America to obtain a degree in psychology. She attended the Nova Southeastern University in Florida and in three years time graduated with her Bachelor's degree in psychology.  Somy worked at a local radio station doing talk-shows on social and political issues for two years while working on her bachelor's degree, it was during this time that she became very interested in journalism and decided to attend the University of Miami to obtain a master's degree in print journalism.
In February, 2003 while attending the University of Miami, Somy developed an interest in documentary films, therefore left UM  to attend the New York Film Academy. She graduated with a degree in film making, direction, script writing, and editing in October, 2003 and completed three short films on Abortion, Domestic Violence, and Teenage suicide. Following that, Somy attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Florida and on the 31st of December 2004 obtained  a degree in broadcast journalism.
After her graduation from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Somy has been working as a freelance journalist and producing short films for human rights organziations.  She's also  working on directing and producing  a documentary film on the "Lives of Muslim Women."
Somy's mother, Tehmina Ali, is originally from Baghdad, Iraq. Somy's father, Madan Ali, is from Karachi, Pakistan. Somy has one younger brother, Mohammad, who lives in L.A. 
Somy has been working as a human rights advocate through her 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, No More Tears, that stands in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its guarantees of safety, security and freedom for all humans. Understanding that violence takes many forms but is often rooted in social inequalities, No More Tears' mission is to eradicate violence in all its forms through collaborative projects involving awareness, education, activism, and advocacy for victims both domestically and abroad.
No More Tears has rescued over 40 victims of domestic violence and their children since its launch in 2007. In addition to her non-profit organization, Somy is the founder and CEO of So-Me Designs. A clothing line based on taking a stand against all intolerance through the aid of fashion. So-Me clothing is available in boutiques all over the U.S. and sells through their website as well.

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