Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nazar Memon

Nazar Memon holds MA in Economics from the University of Karachi and MA in Regional Planning, Clark University, USA. He has also obtained Diploma in Comprehensive Regional Planning from United Nations Center for Regional Development, Japan and Diploma Certificate in District Health Planning from Institute of Child Health, London UK.

He was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) till 2008. As a Consultant Capacity Building National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB) he has worked on the Capacity Building of elected representatives and government functionaries that came under the paradigm shift of Devolution in Pakistan. He has contributed to the final draft of Local Government Ordinance 2000.

He has served UNICEF in the area of Social Planning, with special focus on women and children. He has also worked in Tanzania and Uganda in the development of Area based programmes. As Head of Area Services in Kenya and South Africa, he extended his services in the areas of Programming, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of community-based programmes/projects in collaboration with the local communities.

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