Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uzma Aejaz Khan

Uzma Aejaz Khan is a prime news anchor and a show host at CNBC Paksitan. In July, 2012, she joined the network bringing with her a vast experience of news reporting and journalism. Currently, she hosts news hour 9 on CNBC Pakistan.

11 years ago, Uzma started her career as a news anchor at PTV and also conducted shows highlighting social issues prevalent in Pakistan. Her excellence in the field got her nominated for the Sadarthi Awards for the best news anchor category.

Two years later Pakistan saw the rise of private media and Uzma’s talents were immediately recognised by executives and TV One and she became the face of the channel working in the capacity of news anchor.

Now a household name, Uzma Aejaz Khan is looking ahead to further test the boundries of excellence in journalism, the only way to go is up, she’s taking CNBC with her.

Beyond the horizon of present, Uzma looks to the future with ambitions of extending her reach from the domestic media industry to the international.

When she’s not breaking news Uzma has an ardent affinity for music and is an accomplished singer. She hs also indulged in acting and modelling for popular designers and brands.