Friday, November 16, 2012

Hasan Rizvi

Hasan Rizvi is a dance visionary; music director and choreographer. He shot to instant fame by organizing the first hip hop and Bollywood dance tableau of Pakistan – Cinema Live – in which he displayed his directorial, acting and choreography skills. His credit listings also include performances in, and choreography of, Komal Rizvi’s Comeback Video (June 2010), Samar Mehdi Fashion Show (April 2008) and HUM Tele Film Awards (December 2008), Nestle TVC (2009), Dance Couture (2008), Imaginations Unwrapped for LG & ElectroLux (2009), as well as a dance for television serial ‘Ishq Junoon Dewangi’. However, he is most widely known for establishing and running the first Dance & Fitness studio of Pakistan – BodyBeat Recreational Center Studio. Hasan, was elected ‘Hip Hop Ambassador’ by the US department of State to represent Pakistan in 2010 which included 4 state performances in the United States.

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