Friday, November 4, 2011

Tariq Puri

Mr. Tariq Puri has to his credit the distinction of serving the Federal Government for the last 37 years with versatility of experience both in Government and Corporate Sector. He acquired extensive hands on experience of multilateral and bilateral trade and investment negotiations and remained proactively engaged with foreign investors in attracting investments into Pakistan.

As Federal Secretary in his role as top policy maker at the Ministry of Labour & Manpower and Ministry of Investment / Board of Investment, he led with an outward looking vision and contributed in introducing contemporary concepts and out of box solutions of national issues.

As Pakistan’s Chief Trade Negotiator to the 27 States European Union & World Customs Council in the capacity of Minister (Economic / Customs / Trade) at the Pakistan Mission at Brussels campaigned for greater market access, lifting of anti-dumping duty on bed linen export, economic assistance, custom cooperation and other related matters.

As Chief Executive / Vice Chairman of Export Promotion Bureau (now Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) led a successful effort in achieving a quantum jump in the promotion and facilitation of the exports of Pakistan besides serving as a key member of the team responsible for the Trade Policy formulation of the Ministry of Commerce 

He interacted with Trade and Industry of Pakistan in different capacities thus acquired a comprehensive understanding of the issues encountered by different sectors of the commerce, trade, industry and investment for finding appropriate solutions.