Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Abrar Hasan

Mr Abrar Hasan has been with National Foods since 1993. During his decade of association with the company he has successfully spearheaded the organization to its present position.
Mr. Hasan has used his proficiency in Operations Management, Marketing and Finance with diligence to make National Foods what it is today and one of the largest and most successfully innovative food industries in Pakistan.
Abrar Hasan graduated with a BS in Industrial Management with a minor in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. In 1990 he returned to Pakistan and joined Precision Rubber Products (Pvt.) Ltd. as Plant Director. He remained with this company for almost 3 years and was responsible for Production and Manufacturing Management.
With his well-developed skill set, Abrar Hasan was invited to join National Foods in 1993 as the Plant Director, a position he held for 4 years. After which, he was given charge of Deputy Managing Director and in year 2000, Abrar Hasan was appointed by the Board of Directors as the Chief Executive.
His dedicated approach and inspirational leadership has taken National Foods from a simple recipe producer to a full-fledged food company today. He is the driving force behind his team of skilled professionals and has introduced innovative technology, human resource development & management and new marketing trends that have made the Company an undisputed market leader.
Besides being a visionary and giving true meaning to the young urban professional that he is, 38 years-old Abrar Hasan is an avid golf player and a loving father.