Monday, July 11, 2011

Nazir Ahmed Leghari

Nazir Ahmed Leghari is a well-known journalist and political analyst who covers national and international political issues. He is the founder editor of Daily Awam, Karachi, (The largest circulated Urdu eveninger of Pakistan). He has been involved in field of journalism since two decades and worked as an senior sub editor and assistant editor in Daily Jang and Daily Nawa-e-waqt respectively and has contributed numerous articles and features issues related to Pakistani and international politics. He has interviewed many national and international figures including Benaizr Bhutto, King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, V.P Singh, Ahmed Shah Masood, Begum Shaikh Hasina Wajid, and Mother Tressa etc. He was the newsreader of Radio Pakistan and participated in various political discussions in Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He is a multi lingual person and the author of books titled, Siasat-e-Dorran (Contempory Politics), Seene Jhhokan Deedain Dery (Villages in the hearts and cities in the eyes). He has served as a vice president of Karachi Press Club.