Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dr. Gholam Mujtaba

Dr. Gholam Mujtaba, is a prominent politician of urban Sindh in Pakistan . He served as Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh, Pakistan (1992-94).He was the leader of the coalition party to the Sindh Government from 1992-94 . Dr. Mujtaba was a prominent student leader of Pakistan (1976-78). He was elected General Secretary of the Karachi University Students Union in 1976, and served as a member of the University Senate and Syndicate in 1976-78.He played a leading role in the Pakistan National Alliance Movement of 1977-78 as a student leader.
He was a close associate of the former President Pervez Musharraf during his last days in power. He had succeeded in striking a deal between the opposition and the President, but failed to dispense the covert under wrap.
Dr.Mujtaba is prominent amongst Pakistanis in the U.S. politics. He is a Member of the Chairman's Advisory Board of the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee of the United States. He is the Director of he Corona-Elmhurst Center for Economic Development where US Senator Charles Schumer and Assemblyman Jose Peralta are advisors and sponsors of the Center.
Professor Mujtaba is named to the United Who's Who Registry as an Honored Member. He is a distinguished alumni of King's College London, US Army Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam, Texas, the University of Karachi and Rajshahi Cadet College.