Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tariq Niazi

Mr. Tariq Niazi has been involved in HOPE (NGO) since its inception. He is one of the three founder members and a Director HOPE, General Secretary and Member of Executive Committee. He is especially involved with HOPE’s social marketing programs, educational programs, Research Studies, Information Technology Services, Data Base Management, and New Projects Development In addition to his close involvement with the HOPE at executive level he enjoys significant work experience in technology marketing, general management, business development, human resource management, and financial controls. Headed large Computers, IT based and Communication companies in the last 10 years in Pakistan, introduced leading products and services, which reached to pinnacle in their respective usage and some of them still are industry leader in their respective area. 
He conducts corporate trainings on regular basis. In addition to professional commitments Mr. Niazi is teaching and imparting training since 1994, in South Eastern University – Karachi Campus and at Greenwich University. His subjects of interest are Principle of Marketing, Advanced Marketing Management, Marketing Research & Analysis, System Analysis & Design, Sales Management, and Advanced Sales Management. He is dedicated to and find teaching and training assignments appealing and believe that It is the responsibility of every educated person to involve himself in imparting knowledge for better development of society. He is an MBA and professionally trained in various business disciplines from Europe, USA, Australia and UAE. Written various articles on Information Technology, and its impact in the third world and on e-government in Pakistan. Almost 10 years Consultancy, Training & Development, Community Service Experience.