Thursday, December 9, 2010

Syed Shehzad (S N M Shehzad)

He is a professional (Homeo) doctor along with this was a lecturer in Sir Syed Homeopathic Medical college Karachi, born on 3rd Feb 1962.This is what he received from his father.The rest is what he has learnt and practiced in show biz.

He is a good performing art director, however, on his credit lots of workshops, theater and drama courses headed and conducted in a prestigious institutes like PNCA-Karachi Pakistan, PACC-FJR Center Karachi, The school of Dramatic arts Karachi-Pakistan, etc. Besides this, he has been frequently seen on the mini screen in a plays or in a commercials,a talented person as he is.

Furthermore, Dr.Shehzad was elected member of governing body at Arts Council where he has been associated with the drama committee as a chairman in 1997. During his stayed radical changes has been sought in the obsolete working set-up.

He has established himself a new era in the horizon of theater world with some dedicated researches like Educational theater and "TAMSEELI IBLAGH" due to his everlasting , enchanting and untiring efforts made the things possible as on his account lots of theater students are in the showbiz.

Finally yet importantly, another remarkable achievement during his stayed comprised of late Mr. MUSHTAQ GAZDAR team brought Arts Council of Pakistan-Karachi into United Nation' notice,which has now registered it as an NGO.