Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rashid Minhas Shaheed

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas was born in Karachi, at the P.A.F(Pakistan Air Force) hospital on 17th January ,1951 being the youngest of all, born after three sisters and two brothers. This young star who always shine on the horizon. From his early he showed maturity and responsibility towards his country . In teenage years he used to read books about the great men like Winston Churchill and Abrahim Lincoln. But most of the books he read were about Wars particularly air-warfare. His favourite was Nevil Shute.Rashid Minhas took a keen interest in the works of Allama Iqbal and was very much impressed by the personailty of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Being of a jolly and easy-going disposition, Rashid Minhas possessed a very mangentic personaility which attracted everybody towards him. He was soft spoken and gentle in manner, but where principles were concerned, he would go to the extremes of, even fighting. From the early age, Rashid Mihas used to make ModelAreoplanes. Reading was his passion. He devoted he throughly enjoyed light music, Jim Reeves and Mukesh being his Favourite singers. In his leisure , he would hold intellectual discussions with his elder sisters.
All these activities kept him busy during the day-time it was in the nights, thats he studied. He devoted two three hours daily, to his education. Being an outstanding student throughout, he secured first position in Senior Cambridge,F.S.C and B.Sc.
It was the 20th August 1971, Rashid Minhas was all ready for his first, but unfortunately the last flight. He ascended the
aircraft and being seated next to his instructor Mati-ur-Rehman, started the engine. The aeroplane rose after it had crossed
the premises of Pakistan Airforce Academy. Mati-ur-Rehman asked Rashid Minhas to turn the the Aircraft towards India, because he wanted to disclose some confidential Pakistan Airforce Documents. Without hesitation and living up to the highest traditions of the Pakistan Air Force, Rashid Minhas tried to regain control of his aircraft, but finding this to be impossible in
the face of the superior skill and experience of his instructor, forced the aircraft to crash the aircraft near Thatta, a district of
Sindh, thus giving his life for the sake of his country.
Just a day before his martyrdom Rashid Minhas had written in his diary, the words which will ever inspire the Youth of Pakistan with confidence and courage.
He said,
"It is better to die like a brave man, than to live as a coward"
For this act of valuor and patriotism, he was awarded the Nishan -e-Haider, the highest miltary award of Pakistan.