Friday, December 24, 2010

Mushtaq Chhapra

Mushtaq Chhapra is the Chairman and a founding Director of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a non-profit educational organisation in Pakistan. Born and based in Karachi, he is a well-known personality in the country’s business circles. While he has manufacturing concerns in Pakistan, he is a philanthropist at heart and is involved with many charities in the areas of health, food security and art. He also serves as the honorary Consul General for the Nepalese Embassy in Karachi.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is one of the largest non-profit organisations in Pakistan in the field of education. Since it was founded in 1995, it has run a professionally managed network of 660 purpose-built schools in the poorest rural areas and most neglected urban slums of Pakistan. TCF’s mission is to promote mass-scale quality education at the primary and secondary levels in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. TCF’s long-term goal is to build 1,000 schools in Pakistan.

He was selected as one of the six WISE Awards 2010 Laureates for the achievements of The Citizens Foundation.