Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sabih Rehmani

Syed Sabih Rehmani is a renowned name in the field of Na’at. He is not only a leading Na’at khawan but has initiated extensive research work to establish ‘Na’at’ as a genre for the first time in the history of Urdu literature. He has also inspired many people to do research work on a variety of Na’at dimensions in different institutes.

Academic Qualification :
Masters in Urdu Literature, University of Karachi.

Summary of Achmentsieve
Editing & Publishing ‘Naat Rang’; an erudite, internationally recognized journal on ‘Naat’ for the past ten years.
Heading ‘Naat Research Centre’, rendering qualitative research work on Naat being published in various languages of the world., since 1994.
Recognized as a leading ‘Naat Khwan’ in Islamic circles all over the world and has received a number of National and International awards.
He is frequently invited by various television channels as an anchor person and guest speaker.
Edited ‘Aiwan-e-Naat’ an anthology of Naat published in 1993.
Edited ‘Ieeqan International’ Karachi fron 1987 to 1992.
Chief ‘Safeer-e-Naat Karachi since 1998.
Chief Advisor ‘Lailut-Naat’ Karachi since 1986 to 1989.
Chief Advisor ‘Karwan-e-Naat’ Lahore since its first issue.
Presently associated with Vanguard Mass Communication Network as Director Research & Business Development, since 2005.