Friday, November 19, 2010

Rabia Zuberi

Rabia Zuberi's life and art go hand in hand together - a spiritual journey that started in the form of Karachi School of Art which is still continuing. Through devotion and determination, she had achieved both aims of her life - to excel in art and to promote art education.

Her contributions as a teacher and a pattern of an art school overshadowed her achievements as a sculptor and painter. Rabia Zuberi is an institution in her self. Her works - sculptures, paintings and drawings - reflects her philosophy of love, tolerance and confidence. Her sculptures and paintings are the essence of her soul. Her ideas and feelings have taken concrete shape in the form of sculptures and paintings. Her series of work titled, 'Dupatta', 'Labour', 'Quest for peace' and 'Human existence', were much acclaimed. Most of her recent works show desires of human beings such as love and affection.

Rabia Zuberi is a leading sculptor of Pakistan and she has been active since early 60s when there were few others in the field. She is a socially conscious artist, who is acutely aware of the happenings around her especially the tragedies - her thematic works were appreciated globally. She has been recognised many a times abroad as Pakistan's first lady of three dimensions. Her works express her sense of realism in bold and brilliant form.

Rabia always shows her typical style of viewing realities in a touching way. Conceptual clarity, technical soundness and spontaneity are the hallmark of Rabia's works of art. She inducts modern ideas in which simplification of form fully expressed her creative powers.