Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hasina Moin

Dramatist-born 1942 at Kanpur-India, Hasina Moin took her initial education at Rawalpindi, Lahore and finally Karachi where she did MA (History) from the University of Karachi. Her yearn for writing was visible right from the time she was in final years of her schooling...as from the days of her Class VII school activities---she got selected to write weekly column by the title of BHAI JAN for a local journal.

Her fame started laying its foundation when she regularly wrote some memorable plays for Radio Pakistan Karachi's all time popular "Studio Number NAU" (which, incidently, produced artiste' like Talat Hussain, Sajida Syed, Santosh Russell, Mughal Bashar, Mehmood Ali, Qazi Wajid, Talat Siddiqui, Rehana Siddiqui, Neelofer Aleem, Mahmood Khan Moodi, Jamshed Ansari...the list goes on....). Professionally...Hasina took up the educational pursuits and did teaching..and rose to the level of Principal.

It was in 1969 that Iftikhar Arif, Head-Script at PTV-Karachi Centre...called Hasina and offered her to write a play for the then, forthcoming EID. Initially Hasina was shocked and fell off the lid...but took courage to pen down a play...the cast of which was also decided by her with Kunwar Aftab Ahmed as the Director....hence came "EID KA JORRA" with Neelofer Aleem and Shakil in lead supported by Khalid Nizami and Ishrat Hashmi and thereafter it was no looking back for Hasina...as the Eid Al Azha saw "Happy Eid Mubarak" and then came the deluge----with serials and plays like; SHEHZORI, ZEIR ZABR PEISH, UNCLE URFI, UNKAHI, TANHAIYAAN, PARCHAIEYEN, BANDISH, DHUND, DHOOP KINAREY, AAHAT, NADAN NADIA, KASAK, PAL DO PAL, TERE AJANE SE...while her play "GURYA" directed by Shirin Khan with cast; Manzoor Qureshi, Shahla Ahmad (Bina of Uncle Urfi), Azra Sherwani and Raju Jamil, won an award at the Global TV Plays festival at Tokyo..on best script and direction.....where Shirin traveled and participated on behalf of PTV-Karachi...in 1975.

Hasina is recipient of President of Pakistan's PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE award---though she deserved SITARA E IMTIAZ.

Hasina Moin continues to pursue her talent--regardlessly---under the current commercial scenario which has gripped the Showbiz media on TV plays and serials where the farcical "writers" are making "hay" while the sun (of commercialism) shines! and Hasina..trying hard to be original instead of doing some cosmetics on the old and even new English, American and Indian movies--for transforming them into serials for PAK-SHOWBIZ on the tube!