Monday, November 22, 2010

Haleem Adil Sheikh

Haleem Adil Sheikh is known to be a young, energetic and out spoken politician. Haleem Adil Sheikh being integral part of Sindh, started his political as well as social career by following the foot prints of his elder brother Aleem Adil Sheikh at Pakistan level. He is also inspired from the political achievements of Muslim Leagui veteran leader of Internationale fame and repute Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed.He has always played a key role to introduce Pakistan Muslim League in Sindh Province in the capacity of noble and responsible resident of Sindh. He has devoted his full time and strived to make Pakistan Muslim League a Party for the betterment and a solution of economic problems of the common people. He really hold the credit for taking active part in organizing and managing huge processions and conventions some of them were Pukar-e-Sindh convention, made a chain of peoples hands, Quomi Parcham March (from Khyber to Chagi), Pakistan Zindabad Rallies, celebrated the days of national heroes to pay tributes and he gives a message of patriotism which is always overwhelmed by the common people. He took stand and participated in several protests on core public issues.

He also rendered active part in Khidmat Committees; these committees were responsible for providing justice to the common people.

Haleem Adil Sheikh is a distinguished politician and dedicated activist. On merit he became Provincial General Secretary Pakistan Muslim league Sindh after twenty years of hard struggle. His professional career besides politics includes writing for the newspapers and magazines, his articles are often published in leading newspapers. He is the former chief editor of a renowned Journal Pakistan News and is currently President of a private television channel. He has got multi-dimensional personality therefore in addition to his political and media experience, Sheikh is familiar with the business sector as the President of Palm Group of Companies based in Pakistan and overseas, mainly concerned with construction, land development, services, exports and marketing. His work with the PML has always been in the well being of the people of Pakistan. He has dedicated his entire life for the love of Pakistan.
He is smart, initiative and active in a variety of civic as well as cultural organizations. Beyond political and professional interests, he travels widely, reads, writes, TV debates and enjoys his work with zeal and zest.