Thursday, June 24, 2010

Habib Wali Mohammad

Habib Wali Mohammad was born in the year 1921 in a well to do business family. He completed his MBA from the Syracuse University that held a lot of importance in those days. There was enough to make his family business flourish but Habib Wali Mohammad had chosen a career that was totally out of the way. It takes a lot of courage to traverse an unknown path and this man had that in him to prove his worth.

Habib Wali Mohammad was very young when he got influenced by classical music and always wanted to do something in that field of music. After completing his studies, he decided to follow his hobby and do some experiment in the world of music. He was a good singer from his childhood and even learned singing from the ustads or masters in singing. He started singing Ghazals, which made him famous all over the country he became a popular name among the popular Ghazal singers of Pakistan. This famous Ghazal singer of Pakistan was among the various quality singers in the court of the last Mogul emperor that is King Bahadur Shah Zafar. Habib Wali Mohammad is regarded as an important ghazal singer of Pakistan till date. (Mapsofworld)