Saturday, May 15, 2010


M. Sharif Bhaiji was born in Bambay,India (Mumbai) 1936 He started off his Career with business then moved to cooperatives for career development in 1952 because of inspiration of his father who had been serving cooperatives since partition. His father M. Yousuf Bhaiji(father) was one of the founders of Sindh Cooperative who had devoted himself for the rehabilitation of helpless and poor people through cooperatives.He had lots of cooperative development work at his credit. He was the Trustee of Karachi Port Trust, Managing Director of Star Cooperative Bank of Sindh, Chief Executive Officer of Kokan Cooperative Bank Karachi, Secretary of Merchant Navy Cooperative Housing Society and Board of Directors of Abdullah College and Agriculture Cooperative Sindh.
M.Sharif Bhaiji had led by the milestones of his father and spread cooperative feeling all our Karachi (cosmopolitan city of Pakistan which generates 80% of revenue for the country). There are lots of achievements to his credits like constructions of Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, orphan villages, mosques. Being one of the active directors of Housing Cooperatives of Karachi he devoted himself for the developments of houses, flats, town ships and lots of construction in rural & urban areas.

Currently he is the Managing Director of Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Union Ltd which umbrella’s 24 societies which are engaged in performing marvelous and tremendous tasks like establishment of hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers and recreation parks and clubs etc.

Now he has been elected as Managing Director of Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Union Ltd for another 4 years in 2008.

M.Sharif Bhaiji is also the Director of Kokan Cooperative Housing and has been serving the society as secretary for the last 18 years which he is the resident of and had done lots of developmental work i.e, opening of fair price shop and development of Kokan Park etc. M.Sharif Bhaiji is also the General Secretary of Union Cooperative Club which is established for the recreation of the residents of the same vicinity and the club provides gem, swimming pools, running track, well furnished cafeteria. Lot of renovation and expansion was done during his tenure in the club.He is also the convenier Director of Union Cooperative College for the last 18 years.
M. Sharif Bhaiji has also been working for the betterment of Sindh province (Sindh is one of the provinces of Paksitan) as the secretary of Sindh Provincial Cooperatives Union. He had also laid the stone of cooperatives Bank in Hyderabad. Now he has been elected as the secretary for Sindh provincial cooperatives union for 5 years. Sindh provincial cooperative union heads 2700 Societies of whole sindh which includes consumer, agriculture, fisheries, credits and Housing (which is the major area).