Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taher A. Khan Chairman Interflow Group

Mr. Taher A. Khan founded the Interflow Group in 1983 by starting an advertising agency called Interflow Communications. 25 years later, the Interflow Group has evolved into a communications and media force in Pakistan, with 14 companies providing services on a 360 degree platform. Today, Mr. Taher A. Khan heads the Interflow Group as Chairman and Founder, and enjoys acclaim as the advertising veteran of Pakistan. He is actively involved with all the Group Companies, and strives hard to help them become leaders within their work discipline. His experience, expertise and network gives him a strong grasp in all facets of business. He excels in building and developing brands. He is a patron of the Cancer Society, a trustee of the Fatimid Foundation, a member of the Board of Governors of Dr. Ziauddin Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, a member of the Young Presidents' Organization and the International Advertising Association (IAA) to name a few.