Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nadia Munawwar Siddiqui

Nadia Munawwar’s rise to the top of Pakistan’s corporate sector is an inspirational story of commitment, hard work and determination. Having reached the top echelons of a traditionally male dominated sector, Nadia has recently been appointed chairperson Business & Professional Women (BPW), an international organisation dedicated to women in the workplace; a cause that is close to her heart.

At just fourteen-years of age, Nadia Munawwar became a professional working woman. She went against the grain and took up a position as a copywriter in an advertising agency, not for the money, but because it was something she wanted to do. This was an invaluable learning experience for Nadia and gave her a head start when she finally entered the job market full-time.

In Islamabad, Nadia gained renown as the creative director of Adgroup Pvt. Ltd. When she moved to Karachi, she started working for Jahangir Siddiqui, now known as JS, thanks to her successful rebranding of the company. In fact, the transition was so smooth that it has been a source of great inspiration to many other businesses who are trying to rebrand.

Munawwar has recently been appointed a chairperson in BPW, an organisation that is actively working to give women opportunities to become more visible, and to wield greater power in their jobs and careers. The organisation is present in over ninety countries worldwide, and provides support and resources to professional women across a variety of fields. She shares her insights with Blue Chip about her career and how to promote and encourage working women through BPW.
(Source: Blue Chip Mag)