Saturday, September 12, 2009

Syed Naeem ul Hassan

Syed Naeem ul Hassan, Founder of Children Health and Education Foundation was bom in Sindh, Pakistan. He completed his higher secondary education from Cadet College PETARO. On completion of his professional higher education at Pakistan Naval Academy as cadet, he was granted commission in 1981 as Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy.

He also had association with Emerson/Liebert Electric Company UK. / USA authorized distributors in Pakistan and in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The year 1990 was turning point in his life when he joined Layton Rehmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) – NGO involved in free eye treatment for the poor. He had experienced there the sufferings of the poor and role of LRBT for the mankind. Their role for human being changed his lifestyle and bent him to serve the mankind.

He wanted to serve humanity with some superior platform. To achieve this desire, he joined Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital to utilize his skills for generation of funds for treatment of the poor and needy cancer patients in Pakistan and had the mission to build Cancer Hospital in Karachi.

He made his utmost efforts and successfully acquired 20 acres of land in Educational City for building Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Karachi, and also a piece of land measuring 2275 square yards as donation from Defence Housing Authority for Diagnostic Centre in Karachi. He was also able to generate PKR 2 Billion for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital from Karachi in just 10 years.

He did not confine his welfare activities only to SKMT but also continued assisting many other NGO’s voluntarily, and remained honorary adviser to the following NGO’s from time to time:-

Adviser to Islamic Mission Hospital Trust.
Member, Executive Committee of Eye Care Society of Pakistan. (J.P.M.C.)
Adviser to Feroza Hashim Foundation.
Adviser for Fundraisers for R.E.A.D. Foundation.
Member, S.O.S. Village.
Adviser to Petarian Foundation.
Legend Film Star Mohammad Ali also had the counseling with Naeem ul Hassan for establishment of Kidney Transplant Centre in Lahore. Hakim Muhammad Saeed (Late) shared ideas, and in return had Naeem ul Hassan opinions for building Women College in Madinat-ul-Hikmat. Governor of Sindh recommended through their health department to utilize Syed Naeem ul Hassan expertise in this field for betterment of services for the poor in Sindh.
Pakistan Premier has appreciated his recommendations on Health and role of NGO’s network regarding Free Medical support to poor and needy patients.

His involvement at different forums has identified that various organizations are helping poor for coronary diseases but none is providing the diagnoses for terminal diseases at very initial level converting them later into major illness. To accomplish the ambition he had decided to make use of latest American Systems of Diagnosis of every terminal disease at its initial stage.

The Children Hqalth and Education Foundation established by him is not only providing FREE treatment for the common diseases but also diagnosing deadly diseases at very early stage before they attain critical stage. Further, when symptoms of terminal disease are diagnosed, the patient is guided and referred to concerned hospital established by NGO for treating some particular disease free of cost.

CHAEF school and vocational training center for girls are imparting free modern and technical education to the under-privileged. CHAEF, by providing medical consultation, medicines, laboratory tests and schooling to the poor and needy for free of charge, is greatly contributing towards their savings.

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