Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sadia Rashid Chief Mutawallia of Hamdard (Waqf) Pakistan

“Like father; like daughter”. Mrs. Sadia Rashid is daughter of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed (Late). Her father gave her a legacy of which she is proud of. “Hamdard” is the name which Hakeem Saeed had owned up; and it is this very name which her daughter is carrying forward. One of Hamdard's first products, formulated in 1907 and commercially produced since 1908, was a beverage made of herbs, fruits, and vegetables called “Rooh Afza” - which gained immense popularity amongst the public at large. Hakeem Muhammad Saeed wrote and compiled about 200 books. These include books on Religion, Tibb, Health & Sciences, books on Literary, Social and Scientific topics and Travelogues. Hakim Mohammed Said also created two very widely attended national forums. Unfortunately, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, who had become a prominent person in Pakistan, was assassinated in 1998 by terrorists when he arrived at his usual Sunday morning clinic shift. It is speculated that he was killed because he was speaking out about corruption in Pakistani institutions. His daughter, Sadia Rashid, has taken over his position as chairperson of Hamdard Foundation in Pakistan.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid’s portfolio is quite rich. It is as follows:

- Chief Mutawallia, Hamdard (Waqf), Pakistan

- Chairperson, Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan

- Chairperson, Taj Medical Complex

- President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

- President, Madinat al-Hakimah (A city of education, science and culture)

- President, Hamdard Education society

- President Pakistan Historical Society

- National President, Shura Hamdard Pakistan

- President, Hamdard Public School

- President, Hamdard Village School

- Patron-in-chief, Pakistan Association of Eastern Medicine

Mrs. Sadia Rashid was brought up in Karachi and received her early education from St. Joseph’s Convent School and then joined the St. Joseph’s College after her schooling. Finally, she did her M.A. in Sociology from University of Karachi.

She is intellectually very sound and it is this very intellectual appetite which makes her to work on literary projects with interest and keenness. She is President, Editorial Board of Hamdard Publications (consisting of journals, magazines and books); Chief Editor, Monthly Hamdard Sehat, Hamdard Naunehal, Quarterly Hamdard Medicus and Hamdard Islamicus.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid is working tirelessly for the education of children as well as for Higher Education. The Hamdard public School, The Hamdard Village School (a welfare school for the children of the goaths (villages) around Madinat al-Hikamah) and Hamdard College of Science and Commerce are some examples of her devotion to a child’s right to education.

The Hamdard University at Madinat al-Hikmah and various other institutes show her love for the promotion of higher education in Pakistan. She is also concerned for the education of survivors of earth-quake stricken areas. Hamdard Foundation has set up schools in the earthquake devastated areas and has indeed come a long way in providing basic education to all and sundry.

Health is another field where Mrs. Sadia Rashid is striving for good health care for the poor and the needy patients. Hamdard University Hospital and Shifa-ul-Mulk Hospital hold free eye camps and provide other facilities to those who cannot afford them. The Mobile Dispensaries of Hamdard also go around various cities of Pakistan.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid has been working with Higher Education Commission for quite some time now. Her contributions are of great significance and surely need to be acknowledged and encouraged. She is the trustee of “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Pakistan” and Vice President of “Pakistan Japan Cultural Association Sind”.

She has participated in a number of National and International Conferences and Symposiums relating to medicine, health and education.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid has been working relentlessly for the uplift and emancipation of under-privileged segments of the society. Her interest and expertise in “Unani Medicine” has helped her to uncover new avenues in Tibb. Her father’s assassination has further strengthened her resolve to serve humankind with the same vigor and zeal with which her father had practically done.

She is an afterglow of her father who was the personification of humbleness – a soul which served the humankind with utmost selflessness. ‘The daughter’ is now carrying the torch forward, for life goes on. She feels an urge to make all her father’s designs and plans come true. May her plans materialize in the best possible way (Aameen)

(Profile by: Talha Abbasi)

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