Saturday, September 26, 2009

A. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister

A. Rehman Malik (born December 12, 1951) is Senator from Sindh and Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan, started his civil service career in 1973 and worked in various capacities in Bureau of Emigration, Government of Pakistan, where he was responsible to implement Emigration Ordinance 1979 and Rules there under. This gave good exposure to effectively implement and enforce the relevant laws and rules at various levels.

He was posted as In charge of FIA/Interpol and Deputy Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in 1987 for dealing with white collar crimes and their monitoring worldwide and interaction with worldwide police establishments and intelligence agencies.

Malik was also posted as Deputy Secretary in Ministry of Interior in 1989 where he held the post of Chairman/Secretary of Key Points of entire Pakistan for one year.

He was later posted as Director FIA Headquarters and Principal Staff Officer to the DG/FIA in 1989 as well as Director/Coordination in FIA with the Prime Minister office.

In this capacity, he dealt with the inquiries, criminal cases under Official Secret Act, drugs and Narcotics laws etc and made number of visits abroad for the purpose.

He was also posted as Director/Head of FIA Frontier province/FATA and Northern Areas in 1992 where he remained posted for one year. During this period, he underwent NIPA course and acted as chairman of his group.

While posted as Head of FIA Frontier province, he busted the gangs involved in counterfeiting of Pakistani rupee 1000 currency notes and US dollar.

In recognition of his professional and fearless services and investigation of cases of international ramifications, the Government of Pakistan awarded and decorated him with Sitara-e-Shujaat Gallantry in 1995.

In 1993, he was posted as Director FIA, Immigration and Anti-Smuggling at FIA Headquarters and earned international recognitions for curbing illegal emigration from Pakistan to Europe and USA. He has the distinction of computerizing the immigration data.

Later he was elevated to the post of Additional Director General of FIA in 1995 where he was responsible for administration and monitoring of the working of Immigration and Anti Smuggling and White Collar crimes.

He was also responsible for Anti-Terrorism operations in Pakistan. All the operations are now a matter of public record. He also officiated as Director General, FIA.

He arrested a number of Afro-Arab militants from Pakistan including Abdul Rehman Khaddar etc., and took legal action. Operations under his command were conducted which resulted in the arrest of Yousaf Ramzi and other terrorists like Khalid Sheikh, Zahid Al-Sheikh and Aymen Zawahari were identified.

His investigative and operational achievements have been reported in various national and international journals.

While in UK since 1998, he run a number of companies in the field of security, telecommunication, food and oil business.

He established and successfully run a Security consultancy firm in UK namely SHAFFAF LIMITED, duly registered in UK, to provide consultancy in the field of security, anti-terrorism, Aviation security, bank frauds, money laundering and assets tracing worldwide which attained international recognition.

He provided consultancy to number of multinational companies, banks and financial institutions for due diligence and security related matters and advised them on criminal matters which has further enhanced his experience in the field of security at the international level.

Rehman Malik also appeared in a number of TV shows and independent programmes as an expert on war on terror after 9/11 and assumed advisory role for various institutions on the security matters.

He attended all political parties of SAARC meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in 2004 which was chaired by Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto as PPP chairperson.

He represented PPP on behalf of Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto in various political seminars and head of states world wide.

He is visiting lecturer in National Defence University, Islamabad. He was elected as Senator unopposed from Sindh Province. He was appointed Adviser/Minister for Interior in March 2008 to oversee the functions of FIA, Immigration and Passports, NADRA, Pakistan Rangers, Frontier Constabulary, Frontier Corps, Islamabad Police, National Police Bureau, National Police Academy, Pakistan Coast Guards, National Crisis Management Cell and other civil armed forces.

He is a senior member of the Central Executive Committee of PPP and had worked for decades with Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto and assisted her as political advisor besides assisting her in various political meetings both abroad and at home. He attended all political parties of SAARC meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in 2004 which was chaired by Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto as PPP chairperson.

Malik represented PPP on behalf of Shaheed Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto in various political seminars and head of states world wide.

A book on his anti-terrorism operations and interrogation stories was written under the name of The New Jackals by Mr. Simon Reeve.

A post 9/11 Hollywood film under the name of Path to 9/11 based on his investigative work was televised both in USA and by BBC, UK. Famous Hollywood actor Art Malik played his role in the film.

There are number of international media reports highlighting his work in the field of anti-terrorism and money-laundering which are available on the internet. There are around 1.43 million internet results on him.

His anti- money laundering operations are reported in various international publications. His investigative work has become leading models in LEAs institutions. He Investigated a number of money laundering related cases against the senior bureaucrats and politicians.

BBC produced a documentary under the title of Pak Lane to Ilford for a famous programme called Corruption, based on his investigation report. Panorama programme of BBC has also done programme on his expertise.

He represented Pakistan either as head of the delegation or a member of the delegation at various international forums. The Interior Adviser also represented Pakistan in SAARC Meeting of Experts on the implementation of the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism, Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1990.

He obtained fellowship in the field of International Migration from University of Philippines in 1998 under ILO-UNO Programme. Being President of DM Digital World TV Limited UK, he gained rich experience in the media and telecommunication and resigned after his elevation as Advisor/Minister for Interior.