Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dr. Umar Hayat Asim

Dr. Umer Hayat Asim Sayyal is an Assistant Professor at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Karachi . He has been a position holder throughout his educational life. He completed his bachelors, M.Ed, M.A and PhD from the University of Karachi obtaining first division in M.A, M.Ed and second division in B.A (Pass). He has down two Ph.Ds, one in Islamic Studies and the other in Education which is currently in progress.He was born on 3rd September, 1958, passing his high school from Sargodha board in 1 st division and intermediate in 2 nd division. Not only has this he also done his LL.B from Islamic law college, Karachi . He has been awarded second prize in the National Seerat Conference 1994 held by Ministry of Religion affairs and was awarded third prize for Seerat Award held by Orient advertising Pvt.Ltd. He has an excellent command over English, Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

Dr. Jahan Ara Lutfi

Dr. Jahan Ara Lutfi, in her educational life, has completed her Ph.D in Arabic in 2015 from University of Karachi and also has obtained a higher Arabic diploma from Al-Fatah University , Libya. She got first class first position in higher Diploma in Arabic (over the students of 27 Muslim countries) in Al-Fatah University Tripoli Libya in 1982; she was the first Pakistani student in Department of Arabic in this University. She got first class second position in M.A Arabic from University of Karachi in 1986.Also she did her Masters in Islamic Studies in First Class from the University of Karachi in 2006. She has visited several countries especially Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, U.A.E, Egypt & South Africa.

She was the first female compare of the Islamic Programme in Pakistan Television in 1995. The famous Islamic Programme Directed by Iqbal Haider, named “Hamara Deen” was hosted by her.
    She wrote the script & questions of a religious programme “Quran Quiz” which was awarded the best PTV World religious programme of ten years.
      She is the first convener of the ladies wing in “Faran Club International”.
        Participated as a Islamic Scholar in approx. 300 religious & social programmes on different TV channels.

        Tuesday, October 31, 2017

        Sameera Raja

        Sameera Raja was trained as an architect from the National college of Arts, Lahore in 1991. After some years of architectural practice, she founded Canvas Gallery in Karachi, the premier Art Gallery of Pakistan dealing in modern , miniature and contemporary art.
        In the short span, Ms. Raja expanded her space, influence and areas of interest / business, hence Canvas Gallery has become the leading private gallery, representing important artists of the country.
        Ms. Raja has also collaborated with a number of galleries in USA, UK and Middle East in order to promote contemporary art of Pakistan, and is planning to publish a series of books / monographs on Pakistani art and artists.

        Adeel uz Zafar

        Adeel uz Zafar was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1975. He completed his BFA from National College (NCA) Lahore, graduating in 1998. After college, he returned to Karachi and joined Karachi School of Arts as an instructor.  He involved himself into ensuing projects that marked his early identification as an illustrator. This in the present subsequence has given him a considerable experience of working with the finest and reputable publishing houses in Pakistan which have included Oxford University Press and Human Rights Education Program (HREP). Adeel made his contributions in multitude of academic curriculum text books. He mentions his sojourn in the suburbs of Gilgit momentous, where he went for Northern Areas Education Project as a national illustration consultant. As was the unavailability of the conventional media in such a deserted area, Adeel had  to investigate substitutes for paints and surfaces. This is something which he considers, has conspiringly made his place in the contemporary art scene or brought him back to the track. This was by developing the engraving technique on the exposed photographic sheet by using paper cutter. He scratched drawings onto them mostly based on empirical observation and by modifying them in his signature graphic style.
         He joined Indus Valley School of Art in 2008. Almost after a complete decade from his first college display, he exhibited his work in the IVSA Faculty show being a significant faculty member.  

        Size Does Matter at V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi was a turning point for this artist and his practice. This show held in 2009, catapulted him into the league of emerging artists of Pakistan. He came up with a humongous scale this time, retaining his hold on the meticulous skill and the objects he made an illustration history with. These props were singular, fluffed, cuddly toys, very symbolically wrapped in gauze bandage. He engraved them on the large adjoined pieces of plastic vinyl sheet coated with emulsion and acrylic gel. The small toy was blown up to a monstrous size with a pitch black background, and the intricately manifested concealing weave of the cloth opened many connotations regarding furtive and ambiguous identity. 
        This style and technique was further experimented through a group show of four artists at Art Chowk-the Galley, Karachi, titled Being a Man in Pakistan (2009) - which has initiated a dialogue for the artist to reflect upon various issues, both social and political at times out of the box.

        Adeel associate his childhood memories and his perpetual dealing with subjects for children as the core of his imagery development. He symbolizes this bandaging manipulation as the delusive ipseity. He alters the dainty characteristic by transforming the identity of the object, driving it into the rather serious orientation. Whereas, his flamboyant command over the painstaking patterned strokes may appear principled to miniaturesque craftsmanship, the enormous scale of the work and his indulgence in almost a signature media to himself, segregates him from the league of contemporary miniature artists. Paradoxically, the surface revealing technique is contrary to the covert visual he creates.

         Recently, the artist has participated with both national & international artist, at the RM Naeem Residency, Lahore, and has further appeared in a show titled “On the brink” at Fost Gallery, Singapore and at Slick Art, Paris. He teamed up with fellow National College of Arts graduate Ayaz Jokhio for a two-person show at the Canvas Gallery, Karachi. Through these memorable shows Adeel was selected in an exhibition showcasing a decade of a new wave of Pakistani artists who have contributed to the ever growing diverse vocabulary of contemporary art that has and is evolved from South East Asia – The Rising Tide - new directions in Art from Pakistan 1990-2010. Adeel uz Zafar currently works and resides with his wife Nehdia and two children in Karachi.

        Saturday, March 25, 2017

        Sultana Naheed

        Ms. Sultana Naheed, chief of Risk management group at National Bank of Pakistan, holds a Master's degree in Economics and has also done DAIBP in which she won distinctions and a gold medal. She is a career banker and possesses vast experience spanning over 32 years. Since joining the Bank in 1984 she has served on numerous important and challenging assignments both in the field and at Head Office. She has led Bank's one of the largest regions Karachi (South) from 2005 to 2010, under her leadership this region was declared "best domestic region of NBP" and for her extraordinary performance as Regional Business Chief she was awarded 8 certificates of excellence and certificates of appreciation.
        In 2010 when she was transferred to Head Office, Karachi (South) region exhibited unprecedented figures for business and profitability as deposits stood at Rs.119.855 billion, advances touched Rs.22.134 billion and profit was at Rs.3.172 billion. Before taking up her current assignment she was associated with Credit Management Group. In CMG as Wing Head and later on Divisional Head she took many initiatives to streamline the Credit Risk Assessment processes in her unit and in the field and also trained and groomed a team of credit analysts for effective credit appraisal

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        Saturday, February 25, 2017

        Dr Khursheed Nizam

        Dr. Khursheed Nizam is the President of Ecommerce Gateway Consortium. He is also the Managing Director of US Publishers and the President of Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Nizam brought Smart Commerce Program in Pakistan. He is an enterprising entrepreneur with 19 years of experience of launching and successful administration of a variety of Business ventures, including healthcare products, power supply equipment supplies to data and information disbursement services such as the Jamal's Yellow Pages, E-Commerce Gateway, ITCN and Smart Health Care.
        He is also C.E.O of U.S Healthcare, manufacturers of "Musaffa", a research product of PCSIR. He represents SingTel Yellow Pages Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Singapore telecom, Keppel's T&T Communication Singapore and National University Hospital, Singapore in Pakistan. Dr. Nizam has been the key player in motivating and team building. He has done presentation at various government levels.

        Nadeem Omar

        Nadeem Omar, renowned sports promoter and CEO of Omar Associates, manages one of the leading business groups in Pakistan, Omar Group of Companies (OGC ) which is actively involved in various business projects throughout Pakistan & abroad. Starting out mainly in the construction arena Mr. Nadeem Omar has always had a passion for cricket and sports of all kinds, whether indoor or outdoor. He acquired the rights of Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) Quetta franchise for a 10-year period at $1.1m per year. Promising his fans to put Team Quetta on the map, emerging as a powerhouse in the PSL with the best players in the entire league, he stayed committed to his words and showed the nation what teamwork is all about. A personality with Extraordinary Inter-Personal Skills, a Positive Attitude, Mature Approach being Smartly Dressed, Patriotic and Down to Earth- Mr. Nadeem Omar; CEO, Omar Associates.

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