Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dr Khursheed Nizam

Dr. Khursheed Nizam is the President of Ecommerce Gateway Consortium. He is also the Managing Director of US Publishers and the President of Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Nizam brought Smart Commerce Program in Pakistan. He is an enterprising entrepreneur with 19 years of experience of launching and successful administration of a variety of Business ventures, including healthcare products, power supply equipment supplies to data and information disbursement services such as the Jamal's Yellow Pages, E-Commerce Gateway, ITCN and Smart Health Care.
He is also C.E.O of U.S Healthcare, manufacturers of "Musaffa", a research product of PCSIR. He represents SingTel Yellow Pages Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Singapore telecom, Keppel's T&T Communication Singapore and National University Hospital, Singapore in Pakistan. Dr. Nizam has been the key player in motivating and team building. He has done presentation at various government levels.