Monday, December 29, 2014

Abdullah Kadwani

With a glamorous start as a model, Abdullah Kadwani savored the taste of stardom that reached its zenith when he moved on to take acting assignments in some of the most memorable drama serials in Pakistani television industry. His quest for excellence did not stop at that and soon he had ventured in to not only productions but the industry saw in him the making of a director as well. Media and its pulse at the beck and call of this young man allowed him enough fuel of passion to seek a more challenging position as he diversified both as a personality and as a professional in the ever evolving and dynamic field of Event management and Broadcast marketing.
Abdullah brings with him an unsurpassed experience of more than 18 years in the field of television industry in Pakistan. His acumen has led him to create milestones, new channels, programming and ideas that have also earned him a reputation of a man of commitment and performance. He remains the only individual in the industry to have experienced 360 degrees of this trade winning him accolades and awards in recognition of the same. Today, he continues to do so with a proven track record of quality, performance, integrity and innovation.

As the founding CEO of Media Max and as part of ARY’s core team, Abdullah had played a vital role in launching ‘ARY Digital’, Pakistan’s first global C&S channel. His road to success did not stop at this as he launched his vision of a company that truly believes in relationship as a binding force in the form of Media Max.