Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sohail Zindani

Sohail Zindani is one of the most influential Organizational Development Experts in Pakistan and is respected for his astonishing art of simplifying the complex.
Sohail is a sophisticated storyteller with a knack for making the seemingly complex easy to understand. He presents powerful insights, best practices and trend-setting notions from working with clients in all industries. Having led major training interventions at numerous national and multinational organizations, Sohail has worked with a wide variety of senior executives for various cultural and organizational development initiatives.
The experience and innate business instincts Sohail has developed help enrich his messages on learning organization, leadership, innovation, leveraging strengths and creating powerful service culture and he turns that knowledge into plans for action, leaving audiences inspired and ready to achieve.
He is the self proclaimed “Ambassador of Simple Thinking & Bias of Action”. If you think that you are down, professionally stuck, need help in uplifting spirits; an interaction with Sohail is a sure shot formula for ultimate rejuvenation.
He is the founder & CEO of Learning Minds Group, a company dedicated for providing the best of Learning and Talent Management Solutions. He is an MBA with majors in HR.
Sohail is also extensively involved in Social Development Initiatives, Community Projects, Student Interaction Programs at Schools and Universities.