Sunday, April 7, 2013

Justice (R) Zahid Kurban Alavi

Justice Zahid Alvi (Retd.) is the newly appointed Caretaker Chief Minister of Sind, who took oath  on Thursday 22nd of March 2013.
He was born in Karachi on 21st August 1941. After completing his Matric and Intermediate from St. Patrick’s school and St Patrick’s college, Karachi, respectively, he achieved “Bachelor of Law” and a “Master’s in International Relations” from Sindh University.

During his student life, he wrote many articles and short stories for various magazines of school and other publications. He was a member of the English-Speaking Society in the St Patrick’s College and Harvest Magazine, published by the English department of Karachi University. He was also a member of the Bohra Youth Association.
After graduation, he started his law practice in June 1966. He became a judge of the Sindh High Court on May 27, 1998 and remained on that position  till 31st Dec , 2003. After retirement, he continued the legal profession and also served on various government commissions.
Besides his long legal career, he also served various Social welfare organizations locally and Internationally, and received several awards. In addition, he is the only Pakistani to be interviewed by Club of Rome on “Young Leaders of the World”.
He is a very humble person and had remained non-controversial when he was in the Sindh High Court as well as when he was with different govt. commissions, and that is the main reason, he was chosen as the Caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh by the mutual understanding of the major Political Parties in Sindh.