Monday, February 11, 2013

Humaima Abbasi

Humaima Abbasi is a popular Pakistani model as well as a television actress. She has worked in several dramas, and at her relatively young age, Umaima has amassed a huge amount of fame. now she has started filming for Pakistani cinema, Umaima is a familiar face in drama serials and televised plays
Humaima married Shamoon Abbasi, Shamoon abbasi is a famous showbiz personality of pakistan. He is producer, actor, director and photographer. He was born in italy. He started his career in 1997 but they separated in April of 2010. Humaima and Shamoon were a smart couple and were admired by people.The cause of their divorce is said to be Hamayoun Saeed. Humaima was taking an unusual interest in Hamayoun Saeed which irritated Shamoon. One day at the set, Shamoon paid a surprise visit at the set of an upcoming film and found Humaima’s behaviour with Hamayoun to be very objectionable. He divorced her on spot after a quarrel.

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