Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nadeem Israr Usmani

Author of books, columnist, and writer of economics articles for national and international magazines and renders invaluable contribution towards national economy.
Nadeem Israr Usmani is Chairman, Men’s Forum International that is providing a unique social and a friendly environment between various social groups. He did graduation from Karachi University and is a member of PAK-UAE, Morocco and Yemen business council of FPCCI. He is extremely active member of FPCCI business councils and playing a role of bridge between Pakistan, UAE, Morocco and Yemen.He is honorary ex-coordinator of Central Board of Film Censors Government of Pakistan. He was next to chairman of Central Board of Film Censors.

Nadeem Israr Usmani is an eminent personality of literary and cultural sects and a famous columnist. He is author of famous book “Nation’s Pride” whose up-to-date addition is published every year.

He has achieved several literary and cultural awards and also he is ex-member of Karachi Union of Journalists, Rotary Club of Karachi Universal and Pakistan Film and TV Journalists Association. He is Chairman of sports Advisory and Marketing Services and has been visiting abroad with businessmen. As a guest he is attending the different talk shows, debates on current affairs of different TV channels. His book on “World Cup in Focus” has been published is English Language on the occasion of Cricket World Cup 1996.
He has worked with distinction in various sections of the medium. Men’s Forum International held a Golden Jubilee Award in 1997 in the honour of prominent personalities of Pakistan for their valuable services for the country. This program was attended by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He has diversified field of interests.He is also holding every year an award of “Men of the Year”. On this occasion, souvenir is published, that is selected by jury. He is also good compare and debater,has written more than hundred columns ans has done a number of interviews.