Monday, November 1, 2010

Dr. Faizullah Abbasi

Dr. Faizullah Abbasi has re-joined SSGC as its Managing Director in January 2010. Before taking up this present assignment, Dr. Abbasi was Vice President of Metal Manufacturing Company, Arizona,USA.
Dr. Abbasi had a prolific stint as SSGC`s Deputy Managing Director (DMD) in mid-1990s. In his position of DMD which he assumed in May 1995, Dr. Abbasi headed the HR/Administration, Measurement/Meter Plant, HSE and later Gas Distribution Operations Divisions. As HR head, he carried out extensive organizational re-structuring of the Company in 1997. He was also assigned to control the rising incidence of Unaccounted for Gas (UFG) for all areas of Distribution Sindh except Karachi. In this area of focus, Dr. Abbasi developed a three-pronged strategy of rehabilitation/system maintenance and pressure profiling. These efforts bore fruit when in 1998, an appreciable decline in UFG was noted for the first time in ten years.
In 2001, Dr. Abbasi was invited by Gas Technology Institute of USA to present a paper on UFG at its conference on natural gas in Orlando, Florida.
Dr. Abbasi is a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from Sheffield, United Kingdom. He attained his Masters in Production Management from Strathclyde University, Glasgow from where he also completed his post-graduate diploma. Earlier, Dr. Abbasi graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering from Mehran University, Jamshoro, Sindh. He was also a professor in Mehran University, his alma mater.