Monday, July 19, 2010

Saiduddin Zoomkawala

Mr Saiduddin Zoomkawala is the Managing Director & Chief Executive of the EFU General Insurance Ltd., Chairman of EFU Life Assurance Ltd; and also the Chairman of Allianz EFU Health Insurance Ltd. He sits on the first floor of the EFU House -one of the highly prominent buildings in the area -recently bought by the EFU after running its business from Qamar House for over fifty years

Zoomkawala welcomes his visitors warmly and once the guest is seated comfortably, he gives him a patient hearing. Now it is his turn to speak. v Whatever he has to say, he says it in quite simple language and you would realize that he has understood What you said and is quite sympathetic to you. But whenever he wants to say 'NO', he would convey it in a manner that the matter should be considered as closed. But not in every case. Compromises have to be made, of course, but after a two-way constructive dialogue. 'I am a believer in chances', Mr. Zoomkawala says while dwelling upon his highly successful career with the then flagship of Pakistan's insurance industry -the EFU General Insurance Company way back in 1967 when he joined it as one of the members of its I famous Executive Training Scheme.