Saturday, July 17, 2010

Badar Kazmi

Mr. Badar Kazmi is the Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Bank for Pakistan since July 2003. He also serves on Standard Chartered Bank’s Group’s Executive Forum and the Bank’s Regional Executive Committee.

Mr. Kazmi is also an active member of various organizations in Pakistan. He chairs OICCI’s Sub-Committee on Banking and Finance and is also a member of the Council of the Institute of Bankers’ Pakistan.

He has been with Standard Chartered Bank since 1991 when he was instrumental in positioning the Bank’s Treasury as an active participant in the inter-branch market. Whilst at Standard Chartered, Mr. Kazmi has held various senior positions. His last assignment with the Bank was at the Regional Office in Dubai, where he was the Regional Head of Global Markets for Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

He started his Banking Career in 1980 and has 24 years of extensive Banking experience of which 17 years have been outside of Pakistan.

Badar is married, has three sons, and enjoys swimming, ghazals and traveling.