Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Justice (Retd) Maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Justice Taqi Usmani has had a distinguished career in Islamic law and finance and is a prominent member of a number of Islamic institutions. He received his training from Darul Uloom (Karachi, Pakistan), where he serves as Vice President. His other accomplishments and responsibilities include:

Permanent Member and Deputy Chairman of Islamic Fiqh Academy – OIC (Jeddah); Member of Islamic Fiqh Academy of Rabita-al-'Alam-e-Islami, Makkah and European Council of Fatwa and Research, Dublin, Ireland.
Chairman, Shariah Council, Accounting & Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (Bahrain).
Chairman, Center for Islamic Economics, Pakistan.
Chairman of various Shariah Committees including, Bahrain Monetary Agency, HSBC Amanah, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Dow Jones Islamic Index, First Islamic Investment Bank.
Professor of Religious and Arabic Sciences, Fiqh and Hadith at Darul Uloom (Karachi) for over twenty-five years.
Author of several books and papers on Islamic finance and other sciences in Arabic, English and Urdu, including the widely read Introduction to Islamic Finance.
Editor of several Islamic magazines, including Albalagh International (Darul Uloom, Karachi).

Mr. Usmani has been a member of the Supreme Court of Pakistan since 1982. He is a chairman or member of the Shariah supervisory boards of a dozen Islamic banks and financial institutions worldwide.

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