Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arif Habib

Mr. Arif Habib is the Chairman of the Arif Habib Group and acts as the Chief executive and Chairman of Arif Habib Securities Limited the main group holding company. He is also the Chairman of Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd., Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd and Thatta Cement Company Ltd. Mr. Arif Habib is a highly respected member of financial community of Pakistan. He has been elected Chairman/President of the Karachi Stock Exchange on six different occasions during the past ten years.

Mr. Arif Habib is responsible for key modernizations in the securities market of Pakistan, including the installation of an automated trading system at the Karachi Stock Exchange, and the introduction of a dematerialized Central Depository System. He is also the founding Chairman of the Central Depository Company and has laid the foundation for a strong risk management system for the clearinghouse.

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